Moving Tips

Seven Steps To A Successful, Stress Free Move.

Stage I  - The pre- move survey

Stage I - The Pre - Move Survey

  • This is the stage when you plan your move.
  • Once you place your move request, our consultant visits your site.
  • You can schedule this visit to suit your convenience.
  • You should brief our representatives in detail about your requirements by identifying all the items to be transported.
  • At the end of the survey, you can check this list carefully and amend it so that all items are incorporated.
  • After a detail survey undertaken at your residence, our consultant will evaluate your move and make a detailed feasibility analysis to prepare an estimate.
Stage II – Quotation

Stage II – Quotation

  • An itemized quotation will be sent to you.
  • You may compare this with other service providers based on the record of accomplishment, reputation, reliability, and expertise of each.
Stage I  - The pre- move survey

Stage III – Confirmation

  • If you are satisfied with the price and value offered for your removals, do send us a confirmation or acceptance.
  • Once we have received this confirmation, we will commence your move in accordance to your preferred dates.
  • Please do not forget to inquire about shipping documents that are required although we will forward the list before our packing team arrives at your residence.
Stage IV- Insurance

Stage IV- Insurance

  • Insurance is a crucial aspect of every move, as no matter how many contingencies you plan for; the risk element is ever present.
  • We insure your consignment and our officers will help you in understanding the insurance procedure by taking you through the steps of declaration, confirmation, and claims.
Stage V – Packing

Stage V – Packing

  • The safety and convenience of the relocation exercise is essentially dependant on this step.
  • Packing has to be compact for the effects to be safe during the transit and importantly, a skilled team should undertake this operation.
  • Packing should promote easy identification while forwarding as well as unpacking during delivery at destination.
  • Though we offer complete packaging services, you are always free to pack certain items yourself with materials that we provide on request.
  • Colour coded inventories are used to facilitate identification.
Stage VI - Forwarding

Stage VI - Forwarding

  • Once packed and loaded, the move now goes to the penultimate stage of the process.
  • We will forward your cargo in the mode of transport specified in our contract.
  • We will keep you posted on your shipment and alternatively you can view its progress on the e tracking system in our web site.
  • This information will also provide you details of destination service provider (DSP).You can keep in touch with our DSP to check up on delivery schedules.
Stage VII – Delivery at your new residence

Stage VII – Delivery at your new residence

  • This is the last major step of your move.
  • You will need to allocate a place where the packed items can be off loaded in your new home.
  • Our DSP counterparts will contact you and plan your delivery as per your instructions.
  • The crew member will commence unpacking operations and place the items as required.
  • On completion of the delivery, we will provide a delivery report. Please carefully cross check to ensure that you have received all the items listed as per the packing inventory.
  • If any damage has occurred, you will have to report this to the supervisor on site and to your move coordinator. He will assist you in filling out with the insurance claim form, to pursue your claim with the Insurance Company.
  • After you settle down, you can send us your feedback about the handling of your relocation process. This helps us in bettering our service.